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How to choose the best real estate agent for you

Posted by admin on November 3, 2019
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Selling your home is one of the more stressful events in your life – financially and emotionally. But it doesn’t need to be with the best real estate agent for your home and area. It’s important to choose someone that is going to best represent you and your property, and someone that you feel you can trust to be honest.

Sellers need to ensure they: (Wise tips from Kochie, aka David Koche)

  • Be realistic in their pricing
  • Hire a good real estate agent
  • Present the property well
  • Never buy a new property before you sell

How to choose the best real estate agent

What to look for

Buyers spend their time online. You’re going to want to make sure your agent has digital marketing experience and if comfortable promoting your property there.

Get out and about to open homes to see what an agent is like on the job, and what their follow up is like. Is this how you’d like them presenting your property? Look at collateral like billboards, signage, printed brochures etc. Costs for printed media are normally covered by the vendor, however looking at the quality and availability of this will give you an idea of what to expect with your own listing.

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Benefits of an agent over going it alone

They’re motivated to sell for a higher price

An agent is working for a commission. They aren’t going to get paid unless your property sells. The higher the sale price, the higher their commission. They’re also going to want to achieve a faster turnaround time.

They take the frustrations away with listing online

Property listings are time consuming and can be a frustrating exercise if you’re going it alone. An good agent already has accounts in place for each advertising portal and can get things happening fast.

How to choose the best real estate agent

Selling can take months. Spend your weekends actually doing what you enjoy!

They already have support in place

For video, photography, copywriting, printing etc. Once contracts are signed, a team of creatives get to work to ensure your property is listed in the best possible light. This can include stylists, photographers, graphic designers and social media consultants.

They have an audience ready made

Even before your listing goes live, a good agent will be tapping into their network of investors, VIP buyers and agency database to find you a buyer. These can take years to build up.

They can negotiate the best price

Whether you believe it or not, you are emotionally tied to your home. An agent acts on behalf of you to make sure you get the best offers through, and can handle and objections before they even reach you.

Properties are an expensive asset and take time, and persistence to sell well.
There is a reason agents charge what they do, and the commission payment is almost always split amongst multiple employees whom have spent hours preparing and finalising your sale.

How to choose the best real estate agent
Know your buyer

This is the most important step often overlooked when preparing a home for sale. In marketing and sales terms, this ‘person’ is your target market and everything you do should have them in mind. Speaking to agents in your area will give you a good idea of who the likely target market is for your home.

Ie: they could be:
Families looking for a larger home
Renovators / Investors
Downsizers / Retirees

Knowing who they could be could save you money, and make you money on your house sale. You wouldn’t want to invest in painting a home that would most likely appeal to developers who are looking for a blank canvas to work with. And if your market is looking like it would be retirees, you’ll have a more successful campaign if your home is 100% complete with no half-complete jobs.

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